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What do you feel like today? The assortment of coffee beans is a reflection of Bruno's personal taste. Each coffee variety in the store has been sampled by Bruno prior to approving it for sale. If you want to taste the coffee before you buy it, Bruno will brew a coffee to your liking. Something strong or rather something mild with a fruity aftertaste? A perfect espresso made on unique Italian espresso machines? Or would you rather go for a slow coffee from the AeroPress? Up to you!

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Bruno's Beans

At Bruno's we believe everyone should profit from quality beans. That is why we are working towards all coffee coming directly from the farmers. From India, the dark forests of Africa, or the rich tropical forests of South America. You will find that there are clear differences between the coffeebeans of these regions. At Bruno's we are always on the lookout for new tastes.

With ever changing, unique flavours, Bruno's grinds and customises these special coffees for you. Bruno's bean coffee products are exclusively for sale at Bruno's. Drink the coffees right away in-store, or take them home to brew it yourself. Available in 250 gram and 1 kilo bags.

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Experience the secrets of coffeemaking
in an immersive workshop
Want to learn more about coffee beans, coffee grinding, different machines and the way on how to make the best coffee yourself? Then Bruno's workshop might be something for you! Did you know the taste of coffee varies depending on the origin of the beans and the way they've been raostd, as well as grind size and brewing method? Learn all about it!

Become a Coffee Hero in a day

2 hour workshop for maximum 2 people in amsterdam city only

available on Wednesday & thursday's between 14:00 - 17:00

What will you do in the workshop?

It all starts with the choice of the bean and the story behind it. Afterward, you learn exactly what size you need to grind the beans. You will learn to use different machines - and taste what difference they make!

At the end of the day you not only know how to make special coffees, but you also understand the principles and secrets behind them.

The result: a completely new perspective on how to change the taste of coffee!


World class coffee on the best machines

The Napolitan Espresso is supposed to be made like they do in Napels.
The beans are roasted on Oakwood, as has been done for centuries.

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